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August 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

August 13, 2014
Being properly notice, the monthly meeting of the Clam Falls town board was called to order by Chairman Greg Anderson. All board members were present, along with the treasurer, clerk, deputy clerk, County Supervisor William Johnson and several members of the community.

Minutes of the July board meeting and July special meeting were read. Brad Olson motioned to approve; second Robert Carlson; carried.

The treasurer’s report was given. There is $76,956.15 in the savings account, $76,001.77 in the property tax account, and $33,848.80 in the checking account for total available funds of $186,806.72. Checks are written through 10212. Robert Carlson motioned to approve the treasurer’s report; second Brad Olson; carried.

Robert Carlson shared a letter showing options for driveway ordinance options. He will copy and distribute the letter to the other board members and this is tabled until next meeting.

The board discussed the citation from the DNR regarding the McKenzie Trail update and also the information from the Corp of Engineers. Greg Anderson made the following points:

• The DNR stated that if the town makes Polk County happy, they would be happy.
• Trees – Kevin Morgan stated in the first meeting with him, where he offered the town the grant, that he was “not married to any of the trees”.
• There was a requirement that the grant money be spent within one year.
• If the town pays the citation is it done?
• Who paid the fines with regard to Straight River?
• Stormwater?
• Permits were not issued – Polk County OK, then DNR OK; have permits; town negligent in applying;
• The town did not initiate this project.
• Contractor – value of work

Installing a septic at the town shop was discussed, including the possibility of moving the town hall to the town shop at some future date. Robert Carlson will prepare a rough estimate for the next meeting.

Perry Karl was present with regard to road maintenance on 100th Street. He and his neighbors would like to do their own road maintenance. He has spoken to David Schmidt regarding no spray, cutting versus spraying and moving of a topsoil pile. He/they will use their own equipment and Perry will participate in the road review annually. Perry also discussed the ATV signage on 100th Street. He will attend a Siren ATV club meeting and ask for their signage to be changed.

Alice Burton and friend were present to express concerns about the licensing for a salvage yard that the new owners of the former Burton residence on 115th Street and Clam Falls Drive are trying to acquire. The board again stated that the township does not have any justification in this matter and they will need to contact the county. Bill Johnson, who was present also, will bring this issue to the Polk County Zoning office.

Gloria Berg and Becky Mein presented information on a petition to Polk County to save the Clam Falls Flowage Dam. They are working to get signatures from the residents of Clam Falls to show interest in keeping the Dam intact and also to create a Lakes Association. The board members acknowledged their interest in this matter and wished them great luck, but the township does not have any say in the matter of the Dam. The board also suggested they attend a zoning committee meeting to learn more about this type of issue.

Bills were paid and correspondence was handled.

Greg Anderson motioned to adjourn; second Brad Olson; carried.


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