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January 8, 2014 January 8, 2014 Minutes

January 8, 2014

Being properly noticed, the monthly meeting of the Clam Falls town board was called to order by Supervisor Brad Olson. All board members were present, along with the treasurer, clerk, David Anderson; Greg Westigard; Herschel Brown; William Johnson, and several members of the community.

Minutes of the December board meeting were read; Robert Carlson motioned to approve; second Brad Olson; carried.

The treasurer’s report was given. There is $76,942.74 in the savings account, $1203.19 in the tax collection account; and $125,529.52 in the checking account for total available funds are $203,675.52. There is also a highway aid check of approximately $23,607.00 to be deposited,. Checks are written through 10069. Greg Anderson motioned to approve the treasurer’s report; second Robert Carlson; carried.

David Anderson was present with regard to a salvage yard license at the former Burton property. Several members of the community expressed opposition to granting of the license. After discussion, Brad Olson motioned that the clerk send the following to Polk County Zoning: “Residents of the Town of Clam Falls have expressed opposition to issuance of a salvage license to David Anderson at the former Burton property. They have concerns with regard in water quality in particular, as well as other environmental concerns. The Clam Falls town board will acquiesce to the decision of Polk County Zoning in regard to this issue.” Motion Brad Olson; second Robert Carlson; carried.

An email was received from Kevin Morgan, DNR, regarding issues with the improvement of McKenzie Trail. Mr. Morgan will be invited to the next meeting to discuss the issues.

Greg Anderson motioned to approve a liquor license to Carolyn Engstrand, C&J’s Hideaway, Lewis; second Brad Olson; carried.

Lee Cartier reported that he has been replacing the deck on the trailer with white oak from Cummings Lumber. He has started keeping record of gas usage in the town vehicles. He was directed to clean up trees on McKenzie Trail. He also will mount the mower deck and repair the spring mounts on the one-ton.

The new county zoning draft is available. Three public hearings will be held and will be posted on the county website.

Bills were paid and correspondence was handled.

Robert Carlson motioned to adjourn; second Brad Olson; carried.

Betty Knutson, Clerk
For the Town Board


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