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July 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Town Hall – 7 p.m.
July 8, 2015

Being properly noticed, the monthly meeting of the Clam Falls town board was called to order by Chairman Greg Anderson. Board member Robert Carlson was absent. Chairman Greg Anderson, Supervisor Brad Olson, the treasurer, clerk, a few members of the community, a representative from Monarch Paving and a representative from Scott’s Construction were present.

ROAD BIDS: Chairman Greg Anderson opened 3 bids, Taylor Paving, Inc., Monarch Paving Company and Scott’s Construction Inc. After brief review by the board members, Brad Olson motioned to accept Scott’s Construction bid of $30,974.00 for the roadwork on Clam Falls Drive; second Greg Anderson; carried.

The minutes of the June monthly town board meeting were read. Brad Olson motioned to approve the minutes as read; second Greg Anderson; carried.

The treasurer report was given and there was $76,977.28 in the savings account, $118,779.86 in the property tax account, and $14,131.52 in the checking account, for total available funds of $209,888.66. Checks were written through #10464. Brad Olson to approve the treasurer’s report; second Greg Anderson; carried.

Godfrey Lake Dam Emergency Action Plan; no action.

The McKenzie Trail DNR citations have been paid and this topic will now come off from the agenda.

Road Report: David Schmidt was not present. The board members discussed a plan to finish 60th Street, Duane Jensen’s road, and the need for gravel. Greg Anderson motioned for the town to obtain gravel and finish 60th Street; second Brad Olson; carried. Brad is to call David and have him inform Duane Lindh. Also, there is a hole on 80th in the blacktop that needs repair. A gravel bid is being obtained by Burnett County for 80th Street.

The clerk shared correspondence including 3 requests from Patty Fredericks of the Sundown Saloon. First they would like to use our port-a-potty (from the Town Shop) at the bar for 3 hours on Saturday, July 18; they would sanitize and clean after using and return it. Second, on August 8, they would like to use the ball field for the kickball tournament and will apply for a picnic license to sell food and beer at the ball field. Third, on Sunday, August 9, they would like to use the ball field for just a few hours in the afternoon for the “Over 40” softball tournament. The board members discussed the port-a-potty request and the members came to the conclusion that as we rent this from El’ Stiinko, this may not even be an option as he may not allow customers to move them. The clerk was asked to call El’ Stinko and find out if they allow their customers to move the port-a-potties and then report back to the board and to Patty with that information. If El’ Stinko will allow it to be moved by someone other than himself, we will allow the Sundown to use it and charge them $95.00 (our monthly rental fee). However, if the clerk were to find that El’ Stinko does not allow the port-a-potties to be moved, then we would suggest that the Sundown rent their own for their event on 7/18. The only discussion by the board members regarding their request for a Picnic License and/or use of the ball field was that we check into what documentation and/or signage would be required for the township to be insured and protected in case of an accident. Brad Olson is to call the township insurance agent and ask him for direction in this matter. Greg Anderson motioned to approve a Picnic License for the Sundown Saloon pending the proper documentation and/or signage as advised by the township insurance agent; second Brad Olson; carried. There will be a $10.00 charge for the Picnic License.

Additional correspondence shared by the clerk included:
• A letter from United Ag Cooperative with their summer fill program rates and this will be discussed at the next meeting.
• An email from a resident of Siren asking if we have any old street sweep brushes for sale and the clerk was advised to respond that we do not.
• A letter announcing the upgrade being offered for our town website with a one-time fee of $379.00 and after brief discussion it was decided that an upgrade is not needed at this time.
• An email from Polk County Zoning regarding the Burton property.
• And, a posting for the Polk County Town Association upcoming meeting.

Alice Burton and friend were present and spoke to the board members sharing some property line issues they have been having with the adjacent owners. There have been logs placed on the edge of the blacktop on the Burton residence and the question was asked what is the setback required on a township road from the center of the road to the fence line. The board responded explaining that 33’ is the required setback for township roads and the chairman also stated that the township does not really have any authority in any of the other issues they are having and the only assistance we can offer is by enforcing the setback requirement be followed.
Bills were paid and checks signed.

Greg Anderson motioned to adjourn the meeting; second Brad Olson; carried.

Submitted by Jane Schmidt, Clerk


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