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June 11, 2014 June 2014 Minutes

June 11, 2014

Being properly noticed, the monthly meeting of the Clam Falls town board was called to order by Supervisor Brad Olson. Present were Robert Carlson, Brad Olson, the clerk, treasurer, William Johnson and several members of the community.

Minutes of the May town board meeting were read; Robert Carlson motioned to approve; second Brad Olson; carried.

The treasurer’s report was given. There is $76,952.29 in the savings account, $85,997.87 in the tax collection account; and $6,078.00 in the checking account for total available funds of $169,028.16. Checks are written through 10179. Robert Carlson motioned to transfer $10,000 from the tax collection account to the checking account; second Brad Olson; carried. Brad Olson motioned to approve the treasurer’s report; second Robert Carlson; carried.

Brad Olson reported that he had contacted the Town’s Association regarding a road repair bond for logging. Since the loggers are responsible for damage to roads according to state statutes, the town’s association stated that a bond is unnecessary.

Brad Olson motioned to purchase the solar warning light with remote switch for use at the intersection of 340th & 90th in the approximate amount of $2,600; second Robert Carlson; carried.

David Schmidt gave the road report. The replacement culvert for 340th has been received. He has been patching roads and completed shouldering on 65th. He has also been working on eliminating the beaver issues. David is to talk to Farhner with regard to repair of a spot on Clam Falls Drive near the Axelson driveway. He will begin road mowing. There was discussion of spraying trees on 320th and the cemetery road with crossbow. The clerk is to place an ad for pulverizing 115th from Co. Road E to 340th and about 130 feet of 115th west of Highway 35 and placing 2-1/2” of hotmix. An ad is also to be placed for crack sealing 90th street with the “wide stuff” and trap rock. David will contact Farhner for the correct terminology.

Robert Carlson motioned to approve the assessor contract for a limited revaluation this year; second Brad Olson; carried.

There was discussion of a septic at the town shop. It will be placed on the July agenda.

Robert Carlson motioned to have Mark McClay mow the lawn at the town hall at $60 per time, to be done one time per month before the monthly meeting.

Robert Carlson motioned to approve liquor licenses for Clam Falls Bar & Grill; C & J’s Hideway; Shooter’s Bar & Grill and Sundown Saloon; seconded Brad Olson; carried.

Robert Carlson motioned to approve the following operator’s licenses:
Florence Aggerholm – Shooters
Marjorie Tacheny – Shooters
Gina Blechinger – Clam Falls
Amanda Clausen – Sundown
John Schmidt – Sundown
Debra Richison – C & J’s
Paul Yambrick – Clam Falls
Second Brad Olson; carried.

Brad Olson motioned to approve the following operator’s licenses:
Thomas Fuller – Shooter’s
Wayne Schultz – Shooter’s
Floyd Eichman – Sundown
Jeanette Brown – Sundown
John Holloway – Clam Falls
Ashley Fjorden – Clam Falls
Second Robert Carlson; carried.

Robert Carlson motioned to approve cigarette licenses for Clam Falls Bar & Grill and Shooter’s Bar & Grill; second Brad Olson; carried.

Brad Olson motioned to approve cigarette licenses for C & J’s Hideaway and Sundown Saloon; second Robert Carlson; carried.

There was discussion of the status of the dam on the Clam Falls Flowage; no action was taken.

Bills were paid and correspondence was handled.

Brad Olson motioned to adjourn; second Robert Carlson; carried.

Betty Knutson, Clerk
For the Town Board


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