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September 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2014
Being properly notice, the monthly meeting of the Clam Falls town board was called to order by Chairman Greg Anderson. All board members were present, along with the treasurer, clerk, deputy clerk, and several members of the community.

Minutes of the August board meeting were read. Greg Anderson motioned to approve; second Robert Carlson; carried.

The treasurer’s report was given. There is $76,958.11 in the savings account, $76,003.71 in the property tax account, and $120,324.36 in the checking account for total available funds of $273,286.18. Checks were written through 10237. Robert Carlson motioned to approve the treasurer’s report; second Brad Olson; carried.

The board reviewed an application and sample ordinance for driveway ordinance options. The clerk is to research and bring a document to the next meeting.

The board discussed the McKenzie Trail update and Brad Olson shared that he received an update from Senator Hardsdorf’s office and the District Attorney will notify Brad and the board next week on a meeting date. As far as the update with the Corp of Engineers, Greg Anderson called and left his name, number and a message and has not heard back. Greg will call again.

The septic at the town shop was discussed, including the future possibility of the move of town hall to the town shop. Robert Carlson gave a rough estimate of $5000 to $8000. This should be added as a 2015 budget item.

The clerk shared an email that was received by the new owners of the Burton residence regarding a salvage yard permit. Chairman Greg Anderson stated that the permit goes with the sale of the property but the new owner has not yet transferred the deed. Again, the board mentioned that the township does not have any legal justification in this matter and they will need to pursue further through the county.

The solar hazard light for 340th and 90th was discussed. There is the question of the battery light. The clerk is to bring the correspondence for this to the next meeting.

David Schmidt presented the road report. He has patched and improved the shoulder on 65th. The repairs were discussed on Clam Falls Drive near Axelson’s driveway. Crack seal will be starting soon. There is the need for to be smoothed out on 115th; David will contact the salesman who handled the bid. 73rd is somewhat grass covered, Robert has a ditch disk that can be used for this. McKenzie Trail needs a couple of loads of gravel yet and the tree to be moved. The company that cut the trees will now come in and remove the lumber and excess out. The DOT road report documentation was presented to David and he will fill out and present to Chairman Greg Anderson to sign when completed.

Brad Olson motioned to approve operator’s license for Teresa Simon at Sundown; second Greg Anderson; carried.

Robert Carlson motioned to approve operator’s license for Deborah Deal at Sundown; second Brad Olson; carried.

Brad Olson motioned to approve operator’s license for Richard Davison at Shooters; second Greg Anderson; carried.

There was a brief discussion also regarding the recycling area in Clam Falls in regards to insurance coverage. Brad Olson will check with the township insurance agent to ensure that coverage is in place for that area.

Chairman Greg Anderson called for a special closed session to discuss legal issues regarding McKenzie Trail once he hears back from Polk County.

Bills were paid and correspondence was handled.

Robert Carlson motioned to adjourn; second Brad Olson; carried.


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